My goal is always to create work that has impact and enhances and emboldens the emotions of the performances, editing and soundscape of the work it is part of. I constantly strive to find new ways of approaching subjects and to find new creative angles – whether through lighting, technique or composition – to capture the imagination of an audience.

Working Ethos

My philosophy is that the role of the cinematographer is to understand the director’s vision, to offer ideas that might enhance and augment that vision and to allow the work to flourish, whilst never imposing upon the purity of how the director wishes to tell the story.

Creative Philosophy

For me, the ultimate creative experience is when the ideas and story gain their own momentum, with the resulting creativity greater than the sum of the input of everyone involved. It is in these moments when filmmaking becomes a truly collaborative creative experience, and when it is at its most enjoyable, in my opinion.

That, and when you get to blow stuff up, of course.